Castle Layout (Home Screen)

① Present List

Check here for Log-In Bonuses
and event rewards.

② Quests & Missions

Here you can earn rewards for clearing
quests. There are a variety of quest
types, including monthly quests and
event-specific quests, so check this
section often to make sure you don't
miss out!

③ Notifications

You'll find the latest game information
and event details here!

④ Friend List

This is where you can add friends
or check your friend requests.

Start with the Main Story

When you're first starting out, check out
Story Maps. Clearing these maps
will help you learn the basics of battle
while also strengthening your team.

You can also earn an Orb as a first-time
clear reward for each story map.

Orbs are needed to add additional allies
through summoning, so gathering more
Orbs can help you progress through the game.

* Completing story chapters can allow you to
unlock new chapters.

Level Up Your Tactics

Having trouble winning battles?
If that's the case, why not give the
Auto-Battle option a try?

Watching your allies fight on their own
might help you understand the basic
controls and battle tactics better.

Gain the Advantage!

Pay attention to the weapon triangle! It's
much easier to defeat your enemies if you
strategize around it.

Red weapons are strong against green ones,
green weapons are strong against blue ones,
and blue weapons are strong against red ones.

In addition to the weapon triangle, allies
and enemies might have an advantage or
a disadvantage depending on the special
characteristics of the type of weapon they use.

Creating Teams

Gain Allies

Increasing the number of allies who can
fight at your side is critical to maintaining
the advantage on the battlefield.

You can gain new allies in a number
of ways, including by summoning or through
Hero Battles. If you get a new ally, be sure
to make full use of their strengths.

If you wish to quickly increase your fighting
power, consider summoning. Summoned
Heroes will always be 3★ or higher.

* Summoning requires Orbs. These can
be obtained from Log-In Bonuses, quest
rewards, first-time clear rewards for
story maps, and other ways.

Hero Battles can be found under the
Special Maps option. A different Hero
appears each day on a rotating basis.

These Hero Battles are tricky: if any
of your allies are defeated, it's instantly
game over.

Choose your tactics carefully!

How to Edit Teams

Select Edit Teams from the Allies menu
to decide which allies should head into
battle. You can create a maximum of 10

Enemies use a variety of weapons, so try
to create balanced teams that can adapt to
any situation.

(You'll be able to see which weapons your
enemies will use on the map-selection
screen before heading into battle.)

Tips for Strengthening Your Heroes

Looking for a way to raise your Heroes' levels?

The Training Tower is a great place to work
on leveling your Heroes. Entering the maps
doesn't take much stamina, making it a better
choice than story maps if you want to get

* The Training Tower will unlock after you clear
Prologue: Part 3 in Story Maps.

Battling isn't the only way for your Heroes
to gain EXP. You can also use Shards and
Crystals gained from the Training Tower
or quests to level your allies.

* Check out Level Up in the Allies menu
to learn more.

Once your Heroes have gained some SP,
go to Learn Skills in the Allies menu. There
you can learn skills that will help you
on the battlefield.

* SP is usually gained by defeating enemies
or leveling up.

Not Gaining EXP? Level Not Rising?

The amount of EXP that Heroes gain in
battle depends on the strength of the
enemies they are fighting. You'll get more
EXP from taking on stronger foes and
less EXP from weaker ones.

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